RVmagnetics company is based on over 20 years of world-class research realized in Slovakia in the field of magnetism and magnetic materials, chairman and founder Rastislav Varga and his closest associates.

prof. RNDr. Rastislav Varga, DrSc.
"I have worked all my life in academic environment, mostly in the basic research in the field of magnetism and magnetization processes. I was primarily devoted to examining the rate of domain walls in magnetic materials. I was lucky to meet clever minded people, not only in the closest scientific team. With the founders, we have realized the possibilities of technology and its application beyond academical environment. We have examined the possibilities for commercial deployment, founded a company looking for a suitable investor who would be excited for our project and give us the appropriate financial and networking facilities."

Ing. Rudolf Sabol, PhD.
Expert in the sensor technology. His PhD thesis: “Technical applications of magnetic microwires “. LF TUKE Košice, 2012

Mgr. Tomas Ryba, PhD.
Chemist. Expert in the production of alloys in various forms.

Ludovit Hvizdos, MSc.
IT specialist. Working in IT applications of microwires. 5 years experiences of datacollection from European union space program.

Dr. Kornel Richter PhD.
Physicist. He is expert in the field of magnetization processes of geometrically confined spin structures.

Ing. Rastislav Jurc
Electrical engineer. He analyzes and designs electronic parts of the sensor system (power supply, signal generation, excitation circuits, sensing circuits, signal filtering, AD conversion) and creats a PCB prototypes. At present he is a PhD. student at Technical university of Kosice.

Ladislav Galdun PhD.
Chemist and physicist. Expert in the field of materials with outstanding physical properties.

Dr.rer.nat Jana Gamcova
Physicist. She is expert in the field of materials research on structure and mechanichal properties. At present she is a PhD. student at Technical university of Kosice.

Ing. Anna Spegarova
Engineer. She is an expert in the field of materials research and technologies for their preparation, evaluation, analysis and prediction of properties under different strain condition. At present she is a PhD. student at Technical University of Kosice.

The company is primarily focused in the research, development and production of miniature sensors based on the technology of micro-wires. "Our sensors are the smallest sensors of physical quantities all around the world, which are suitable for a commercial use. The sensors have an average of around 20 micron (length from 2 mm), but we use the sensors under 5μm. It is designed for measuring the basic and derived physical quantities - heat, tension, pressure, position, magnetic field, electric current ... these values we measure up to 1000 times per second. "