There are many variables that must be monitored in aviation. Starting with basic measurements of temperatures, tensions, pressure and position, which can be now done up to hundreds of percent faster. Our goal is to create much more complex measurements and calculations which will bring real-time lift distribution, meaning we can tell where is the icing starting to develop, if the wing is not over-stressed during clear-air turbulence, what is the best angle of attack trough all length of the propeller blade in real-time... All of these will make aviation even safer industry, but our team is able to bring also solutions to significantly lower the weight of existing components, make them much smaller – saving space for fuel or baggage, also make components more reliable, nearly service less and all of these factors lead to cost effective. In interior we are able to measure mass and balance of the aircraft based on real data from each seat, every square meter of cargo bay and fuel tank so flight management system can calculate easily and enormously accurate speeds for takeoff, approach and landing. Aircraft can be also prevented to takeoff if it is overloaded or unbalanced and all of this using same sensors which do measure temperature and exact mass of the fuel, detecting fever of passengers or measuring tension and stress on wings so there is no need to have various complicated measurement systems. Many more features will be presented shortly.

This will be bigger step forward for aviation than the fly-by-wire was !