Thanks to RVmagnetics MicroWire MDs are able to monitor and collect patient’s data on local temperature, pressure, etc. in such parts of human body where conducting measurements was simply not possible by now due to technical, chemical or biocompatibility issues.

Embedding Passive MicroWire – implantable sensor – into human body, whether directly or as a part of a device or implant provides elegant and safer way to monitor patient.

  • Tissue abnormalities and device localizations

    real-time and more accurate localization of objects inside human body

  • Smart implants / smart titanium implants

    measuring local temperature during and after the procedure, pressure after the procedure is the best way to detect inflammation process at its early stages.

  • Smart drug delivery

    measuring precise amount of dose injected, temperature and position

  • Spinal cord
    • contactless measuring of pressure and local temperature
    • instant monitoring of unpredictable temperature and pressure changes in patient's con­ditions after surgery and during the treatment,
    • minor increase of temperature in spinal cord causes irreversible damage to the body,
    • MicroWire helps the medical team receive the earliest possible warning on elevated temperature in spinal cord and act immediately.
  • Smart stents

    Measuring diameter of blood vessel, velocity of bloodflow, blood pressure before and after stent

  • Stimulation of neurons

    to regenerate its damaged neural network