How import is movement sensing in your industry? Do you work in construction and you care about milimeter precision or do you work in healthcare where micrometer precision saves a patient life?

How precise do you need to monitor vibration of a motor turbine or electric plant? What is the reliability, accuracy and how many devices you need for vibration control? RVmagnetics offer the first multisensor of microdimensions that is able to monitor and measure movement changes in micrometers and at the same time detect change in vibrations in 10 kHz. Both can be monitored with just one interface. Rvmagnetics sensors can be applied in neurosurgery, through electricity production, construction to trasportation monitoring.

RVmagnetics MicroWire is able to detect movement or a vibration of an object. The MicroWire replaces typical vibration sensors like accelerometers or transmitters and uses a different physical principle.

Demonstration of Vibration measurement with MicroWire sensors

In the video we present two ways of vibration detection with the MicroWire sensor. It showcases the detection in real time without any contact between the MicroWire and the sensing system

The main elements of the demo kit: The holder of carbon composite which has a MicroWire sensor attached with an adhesive layer on it, The material choice of a carbon composite is due to its flexibility and thinness The composite also has a moving weight attached, which is placed to show different profiles of resonant frequencies when the piece vibrates black box which includes the sensing head and electronics (the size and shape of a final sensing system are tailor made to meet the space or other limitations); tablet with the dedicated app which reflects the signal detection, that also allows one to set the offset value.

When the composite material is poked, it vibrates, naturally so does the MicroWire. The holder is placed on top of the sensing head and electronics, however the MicroWire has no contact with it. The vibration is detected and transferred via Bluetooth to the dedicated app. We are able to present two ways of vibration detection, which are depicted on the display. The vibration detection happens through the changes in the magnetic field when the composite piece vibrates The vibration changes are picked up due to the distance change between the MicroWire and the sensing head


Our clients' needs are different, and each case requires specific, custom-developed solutions for higher resolution, accuracy, clarity of overall measurements, etc. However, with this video we try to conclude the bases of Vibration Detection with a MicroWIre sensor and the sensing system. Other possibilities include i.e. distinguishing the contribution of resonant frequencies by using Fourier analysis.