smartening up the manufacturing / assembly process starts from monitoring the smallest parts – screws, rivets, washers, bolts, nuts, fasteners. These parts need to bear safely the tensile stress of any device during its lifetime.

In safety critical industrial environment, they can become the most important collection point of information about unwanted vibration, tilting, overheating, overloading, material relaxation and many more. RVmagnetics’ MicroWire is able to collect data even from all of them. Placing the passive part of our technology – the MicroWire – into screws, rivets, washers, bolts, nuts, fasteners during their manufacturing process while the power-wired part – sensing head (reading coil) – needs to be placed in the vicinity of the smart screw (rivet, …).

Unlock the full potential of Industry 4.0 with RVmagnetics MicroWire.

1. Smart screws, rivets, bolts, washers …

Sensing possibilities:

  • Tensile / axial stress
  • Shear stress (relaxation of the material)
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Momentum

Quality & Safety:

  • Protects from ineligible claims
  • Prevents malfunctions caused by incorrect mounting
  • Reduces hazards in safety critical applications

Predictive maintenance purpose:

  • Optimization of reverse logistics
  • Minimizing idle time of assembly line

Goodwill protection:

  • Smart screw prevents incorrect assembly

2. Smart Fasteners

Sensing possibilities:

  • Temperature
  • Position
  • Electric current

Imagine sensor that you can simply clip on the electric wire and you will be able to monitor the exact electricity consumption, online, real-time and with no need of power wiring. RVmagnetics MicroWire technology enables you to easily monitor your or your client’s power wires / power cords. Why is it important you ask?

If smart sealings /fasteners equipped with MicroWire will be able to detect overheating of a power cord as a result of short-circuit, measure loss of current due to its break, or simply detect any incorrect power wire installation, will you give smart sealing a second thought? It might be your safety critical part wherever it is mounted.