As smart rail is able to monitor state of wagon wheels, sensors placed on the smart wagon should actually able to scan the current state or rails, its wear and tear. Collecting and processing of repetitive measurements not only lead to produce big data, but will also lead to producing data on rail will help:

  • Create transparent relations between railway operators and train operating companies
  • Produce evolution data for railway operators
  • Help identify critical stretches of the railway
  • Provide data for quick railway fixes
  • Provide data for predictive railway maintenance

Smart rail

Sensing possibilities

  • Pressure
  • Vibrations
  • Temperature
  • Axle counter
  • Weight measurements (weight of wagon)
  • Weight distribution (on a single wheel or axis)
  • Structural health monitoring – Condition Monitoring (rail and wheel cracks)

Providing benefits for

  • Railway operating companies
  • Infrastructure providers
  • Rail transport and cargo companies
  • Service organisations railroad wagon, coach and locomotive manufacturers

Self-monitored wagon / cargo container

Sensing possibilities on a shock absorber / spring

  • weight measurements (overall weight of wagon)
  • weight continuous measurements (to ensure loads and unloads)
  • weight distribution (on a single wheel, axle)
  • axle in disrepair
  • wheels disrepair

Sensing possibilities

  • Pressure
  • Vibration
  • Temperature (temperature sensitive cargo – hazardous, food …)