Smart aerospace and automotive systems are the key puzzle piece connecting IOT , smart manufacturing, assembly and self-monitoring of cars / aircrafts and UAVs. RVmagnetics MicroWire´s con­tinuous online monitoring of virtually any assembled part ensures maximum reliability and enables manufacturers set higher industry standards.

Whether car or aircraft – adding 100.000 RVmagnetics sensors to a chassis adds up just 1 gram to the overall weight and therefore creates no additional COx emissions. Elegant and environmentally friendly solution.




1. Dimensions

Allow introduction of microwires inside various materials without affecting their properties; including implanting the MicroWire to human tissue.

2. Versatile

Sensor can be safely implanted in human tissue, vein, implant (invasive) or become part of diagnostic device (non-invasive).

3. Robust

Able to withstand challenging mechanical environment.

4. Lifespan

Lifespan of the sensor itself is longer than 1000+ yrs.

Self Monitored Parts in Cars, Trucks, Aircrafts and UAVs

Sensing possibilities on any part

  • Pressure
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Weight measurements (overall weight)
  • Weight distribution (on a single wheel or axis / in a cargo space)
  • Structural health monitoring

Providing benefits for

  • Manufacturers and OEMs
  • Operating companies (car rentals, fleet companies, cargo companies, airlines etc.)
  • After sales
  • Service organizations
  • Testing companies
  • Racing companies (F1 and beyond)
Smart Fasteners

Imagine sensor that you can simply clip on the electric wire and you will be able to monitor the exact electricity consumption, online, real-time and with no need of power wiring.

RVmagnetics MicroWire technology enables you to easily monitor your or your client’s power wires / power cords. Why is it important you ask?

If smart sealings /fasteners equipped with MicroWire will be able to detect overheating of a power cord as a result of short-circuit, measure loss of current due to its break, or simply detect any incorrect power wire installation, will you give smart sealing a second thought? It might be your safety critical part wherever it is mounted.