Standard calibration constant is used.
For electronic setup there is no general sketch, schematic or block diagram - it is always customized based on the existing design, limitations, noise levels, environment etc.
Depends on the measurement frequency (we are able to measure 10.000 times per second).
Pressure, temperature, position in the magnetic field directly, indirectly also electric current, flow, torsion, bend, stress, vibration ...
If more wires need to be used, We are able to produce the matrix from our MicroWires and create the „heat map“ of each physical quantity.
Estimated cost of the sensors depends on the volume of R&D / customization work and also on order volume of sensors.
We are measuring the time occurrence of the magnetization reversal process in the MicroWire. This is a unique magnetic response from the MicroWire to the external magnetic field. We separate the response from the measured external magnetic field(s) and from our excitation AC magnetic field (our measurements are not affected by external magnetic field)
The accuracy and sensitivity of our sensor can be adjusted with chemical composition of the MicroWire or design of the sensing device. For example, we have prototyped sensor for temperature measurement in human body (in narrow range 35-45 °C) with accuracy 0.01°C.
Now, the maximum range is up to 10cm, but if it is required we are capable to construct a reader, which would receive the signal from our sensor from longer distances.
Our sensor generates a unique signal. In the case of strong interference, the response from the wire can be obtained by averaging of the received signal.
The longer the wire, the better the signal. Typically 1 cm sensor is ideal for sensing, but for some applications we use up to 4 cm long wire. We are able to design the best properties (length, diameter, chemical composition) of MicroWire for each client's application.