RVmagnetics is a dedicated environmentally aware solution provider thanks to the:

  • replacing several sensors with one

    one RVmagnetics sensor can sense temperature/pres­sure and magnetic field at once. MicroWire technology also provides the ability to measure other physical quantities related to temperature, pressure, and magnetic field, such as position, vibrations, electric current, flow, and much more.

  • replacing several data acquisition devices with just one

    one sensing head (pair of coils – excitation and sensing coil) is able to perform measurements of different MicroWire sensors

  • low power consumption (enabling energy savings)

    single measurement requires just a few milliamperes

  • adding 100.000 sensors to any material or product adds only 1 gram!

    the solution does not generate any additional COx emissions, making it environmentally considerate regarding carbon footprint

  • our sensors contribute to the client’s manu­facturing excellence

    and helps reduce the environmental footprint

  • environmentally neutral sensor

    with no toxic elements in the composition of the MicroWire

RVmagnetics is committed to innovation and excellence in our industry. Sustainability is a core element of our corporate philosophy, influencing our operations and corporate social responsibility efforts. As a result, RVmagnetics was awarded a Green Certificate by SEWA for the responsible disposal of electrical waste and used batteries. Continue reading here.