RVmagnetics is dedicated environmentally aware solution provider, thanks to:

  • replacing several sensors with one

    one RVmagnetics sensor is able to sense temperature/pres­sure and magnetic field at once. We are also able to measure aouthe physical quantities like a electric current, flow, orientation, elongation, vibration and much more.

  • replacing several sensor interfaces with just one

    one pair coils (excitation and sensing coil) is able to take measurements from 15 MicroWire sensors

  • sensing works on low power consumption (enabling energy savings on sensing)

    single measurements needs just few milliAmperes

  • adding 100.000 sensors to any material or product ads 1 gram!

    therefore causes almost no additional COx emmistions

  • our sensors contribute to client ’s manufacturing excellence

    and helps reducing environmental footprint

  • environmentally neutral sensor