direct measurements stress, temperature, magnetic field
indirect measurements bend, torque, pull, strain, position, flow, vibration, humidity
operating temperature range –273 to 600°C
temperature measurement accuracy 0.01°C
sensor diameter 3–70 µm
    - metallic alloy nucleus diameter 1–50 µm
    - glass coating diameter 2–20 µm
sensor length 1cm-4cm
frequency of sensing coil up to 50.000 times per second
frequency of exciting coil from DC up to 20 kHz (audiofreq.)
Long term survival 1000+ years
sensor permeability ~ 1 (like vacuum)
sensor saturation field cca. 3 Oe.
operating pressure limit none
corrosion to alkaline and acidic environments none
contactless sensing up to 10 cm distance
low power consumption mA on one single measurement

Power Consumption

mA on one single measurement Sensor is passive, power wired is only the sensing device (set of coils) Sensor is glass coated – provide protection from aggressive (acidic/alkaline) environment Sensor provides biocompatibility – no affecting X-ray or MRI

Sensor input and output

Input: temperature, pressure and magnetic field and other physical attributes we can convert to: position, el. current, humidity Output: is always digital, its data (AD converted)

How to collect signal

Sensor is magnetic, so we collect signal by magnetic induction. In the end its magnetic response of the wire to our sensing device.