RVmagnetics MicroWire sensor is using magnetic principles and therefore measures magnetic field, position in the magnetic field, orientation of an object (product, part, implant, etc.). While the smallest available gyroscope sensor can still be bulky for your application or wiring of any sensor might be causing lot of issues – RVmagnetics presents its passive MicroWire sensor that will help you avoid size restrictions, wiring restrictions or survive chemically aggressive environment (e.g. concrete).

If you need to sense precise position of relatively big object, such as tilting of a bridge construction or detecting precise position of miniature diagnostic device placed in human body, RVmagnetics MicroWire is the solution you can count on. MicroWire sensors can also be used for triangulation.

Demonstration of Position detection with MicroWire sensors

Presented in the video is an RVmagnetics demo kit. It intends to showcase the real-time detection of the position change of an object, which has a MicroWire sensor attached onto it.

The main elements of the demo kit: black box which includes the sensing head and electronics (the size and shape of a final sensing system are tailor made to meet the space or other limitations ); plastic bar, onto which a MicroWire is attached with an adhesive layer; tablet with the dedicated app which reflects the signal detection, that also allows one to set the offset value.

As it can be observed in the video, with the change of the position of the plastic bar, our sensing system detects the change in the position of the MicroWire sensor and via bluetooth depicts it onto the tablet screen.


With this experiment we prove the feasibility of the MicroWire sensor to act as a linear sensor, as well as to demonstrate that the measurements take place in a contactless manner. The system is highly adjustable and scalable to the custom needs of our clients, however as each case is unique we are happy to prepare custom PoC for your company.