We are thrilled to announce our upcoming participation in Advanced Engineering 2023, taking place 1 & 2 November 2023 | NEC Birmingham. At this event, RVmagnetics will once again take over our role in Revolutionising Advanced Manufacturing tactics by accessing otherwise inaccessible physical data: come see it yourself at BOOTH G174.

Our presence at Advanced Engineering 2023 is always a standout moment, marked by innovation, ongoing business engagements, and meaningful industry discussions. Year after year we have caught the attention of industry leaders in engineering, aviation, and the specialized composite sectors, thanks to our pioneering measurement technology.

At the heart during AE we are presenting the MicroWire sensors, and especially their applicability in composite materials, a revolutionary approach that utilises MicroWires with diameters ranging from 3 to 70 µm. Remarkably, just 1cm of these passive sensors is sufficient to collect precise data on parameters like pressure, temperature, vibrations, torque, bending, and more.

What truly sets MicroWires apart is their seamless integration into materials during the manufacturing process, without impacting designs, sizes, or weights of the final product.

RVmagnetics is offers a reshaped way that Advanced Engineering audiences and participants can think about maintenance, data collection, physical data acquisition, and sensor technology. In industries such as automotive, aviation, construction, machinery, and renewable energy, where downtime directly impacts financial performance, MicroWire sensors offer a transformative solution, that is, accessing data from otherwise inaccessible spaces. Overcoming and dodging challenges like noise interference, temperature fluctuations, visibility issues, and operational costs – MicroWire sensors, with remote monitoring based on magnetic principles, are a game-changer in this context while comparing to other monitoring systems

We invite you to engage with RVmagnetics and explore whether MicroWires hold relevance for your specific applications. You may uncover uncharted knowledge and possibilities you never knew existed. Furthermore, this time around, RVmagnetics will be providing live demonstrations of our technology, showcasing its sensitivity and versatile applications in various scenarios, including composites applications, vibrations, and thermal sensitivity.

Join us at BOOTH G174 – at Innovation & Sustainability Trail?

Tigran Hovhannisyan
With a B2B sales & marketing background in INGO & Foreign Investments in government sectors, Tigran is now responsible for extensive industry research in RVmagnetics focused on marketing the company both in R&D and Business spaces. Tigran is up to date with trends in deep tech, sensors, and innovative startups in need of niche growth. He shares the knowledge with RVmagnetics communities via blogs, publications, and news releases, while also using his experience to Manage RVmagnetics' Key Partners' accounts.