Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at industrial expos? As the first-time exhibitor at SPS (smart production solutions) 2023 expo taking place 14 – 16 November 2023 in NürnbergMesse, Nuremberg, Germany, RVmagnetics is excited to give you an inside look at what we’ve been working on.

Our presence at SPS 2023 will bring an opportunity to meet our customers, partners, enable us to demonstrate our technology and also tap into the heartbeat of innovation with industry leaders in this industrial vertical.

We are presenting the contactless MicroWire sensors applicability in motors, drives, pumps, gearboxes and other rotary equipment. MicroWires as the passive sensing elements are ranging from 3 to 70 µm in diameter and typically 1 to 4 cm in length. Such a small unpowered element in combination with a sensing (interrogation) unit is able to collect precise data on parameters like strain / pressure / load, temperature, vibration, torque, rpm, position, movement, etc.

We invite you to engage with RVmagnetics and explore whether MicroWires hold relevance for your specific applications. You may uncover uncharted knowledge and possibilities you did not know existed. MicroWires help our clients gain valuable insights in challenging environments including a wide array of rotary equipment including electric motors. Our team is eager to explore how MicroWires could enable your next-generation designs. Our interactive demonstrations will allow you to see how MicroWires work and better understand their capabilities.

In addition to visiting BOOTH 8–303.A in Hall 8 you can learn about our technology during RVmagnetics’ pitches in the Start-Up-Area in Hall 8. Pitches will be held on Tuesday Nov 14th (01:20 – 01:55 pm), Wednesday Nov 15th (12:40 – 01:15 pm) and Thursday Nov 16th (01:00 – 01:35 pm).

From 1990 SPS became the key automation industry sector expo that represents the complete spectrum of electric drives and motor control – from sensors to ICT and interface technology, spanning from feasible solutions accessible today to the visionary industrial ones of tomorrow. Annually, event attracts up to 1000 exhibitors and 400 00 visitors over 3 days.

Vladimir Marhefka
Vladimir holds position of Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors at RVmagnetics. In his current role he’s responsible for Strategy, Business Development and Marketing activities of the company. During 18+ years of experience he held executive, strategy and business development roles in various B2B industries, led international sales teams and lived in Spain and Australia. With the background in finance, Vladimir’s interest is in deeptech, international startups, and industrial IOT.