RVmagnetics /a deep tech startup customizing, unique measurement solutions based on their proprietary MicroWire sensors/ is delighted to announce its selection as a participant in the third cohort of the Sixth Sense Scale-Up Program, powered by Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

The highly competitive selection process from a global pool of exceptional applicants highlighted RVmagnetics as one of the few startups participating in the program. RVmagnetics' innovative solution directly addresses critical manufacturing challenges, in a sustainable, multifunctional, and lightweight manner, aligning perfectly with the program's focus.

As part of the program, RVmagnetics will embark on an intensive journey, collaborating closely with the experienced Hexagon team, coaches, and mentors. This partnership promises to boost RVmagnetics' offering, leverage Hexagon's market insights, and facilitate collaboration with world-class entities. The ultimate goal is to accelerate the common path to success while contributing to solving some of humanity's most pressing, modern challenges.

Stay tuned for regular updates from RVmagnetics as we progress through the Sixth Sense Scale-Up Program.

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Sixth Sense is an open innovation platform where ambitious, scaling start-ups can connect with world-class companies to find scale and solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges Challenge and cohort three: The third cohort of nine scaling start-ups is focused on two challenge areas: “Building a sustainable manufacturing future” and “Smart digital reality for collaborative manufacturing”. The selected startups bring unique approaches to some of today’s most critical manufacturing challenges, such as improving product sustainability, eliminating waste, capturing real-time data, automating design, and incorporating robots into production lines. Read more about the program here

Hexagon is the global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies. Our solutions free our customers to harness the rapidly-increasing amounts of data, putting it to work to boost efficiency, productivity, quality and safety across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, public sector and mobility applications. Read more about Hexagon here

Tigran Hovhannisyan
With a B2B sales & marketing background in INGO & Foreign Investments in government sectors, Tigran is now responsible for extensive industry research in RVmagnetics focused on marketing the company both in R&D and Business spaces. Tigran is up to date with trends in deep tech, sensors, and innovative startups in need of niche growth. He shares the knowledge with RVmagnetics communities via blogs, publications, and news releases, while also using his experience to Manage RVmagnetics' Key Partners' accounts.