Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) of a material became inevitable for any safety critical product or application.

Whether you need to monitor the quality of your raw steel production, vibration, pressure or cracks on reinforced concrete constructions, pressure on steel ropes or rebars, complex inspection of a railway or monitor aerospace or automotive assembly – RVmagnetics MicroWire opens a wide range of elegant sensing possibilities while ensuring that safety comes first.

Predictive Maintenance

Process and Quality Control is one way to introduce SHM to your manufacturing cycle. Predictive maintenance unlocks lot more. Continuous monitoring that provides accurate data not only helps identification of real-time material properties but also contributes to maintenance planning, helps to optimize reverse logistics and reducing risk of future disasters.

RVmagnetics MicroWire technology is not only able to provide Structural Health Monitoring for metal / steel sheets, welded parts, wide array of composites, reinforced concrete and other materials but also to provide accurate local real-time data from otherwise inaccessible spaces (e.g. from within the different layers of a composite). Whether the material flaw occurs as a result of vibration, pressure, temperature MicroWire technology is able to help prevent further damage or in case of damage determine its cause.


1. Resistant

MicroWires are resistant to chemically and mechanically challenging environment. They are also short-circuit protected.

2. Non-destructive application

MicroWires provide real-time data about the current condition of material and therefore allow non-destructive testing on all monitored points - opposed to destructive testing that is conducted on material samples only.

3. Passive sensor

Sensor requires no power source (only sensing device is low-powered).

4. Simple measuring process

Sensing device can be connected to the mobile phone without additional electronics.