A physical environment with highly aggressive chemicals. These include acidic alkaline environments such as hydrofluoric acid, sulphuric acid, flammable liquids, and strong bases.

Acidic environment

The environments, including soils and freshwaters, have pH values lower than neutrality (pH 7). Acidic environments are often considered to be those with pH values of <5 and are often divided into those that are extremely acidic (pH < 3) or moderately acidic (pH 3–5).

Alkaline environment

An alkaline environment is a setting that is strongly basic or contains alkali components. This usually refers to an environment with a pH value higher than 7.0, since a pH below 7.0 is considered acidic.

Noisy (magnetic) environment

Magnetic noise can be calculated from a three-times sequentially coupled electromagnetic­mechanical-acoustic numerical model. A magnetically noisy environment can bias the measurements of many sensors or sensing systems, however it is not the case for MicroWire sensors. Being magnetic materials themselves – the RVmagnetics MicroWire sensors’ measurements are not affected by noisy magnetic environment.

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