RVmagnetics introduces unique Identification Tags (ID tags): A combination of multiple MicroWire sensors of arbitrary quantity, lengths, order, and metallic composition, diameters creates a Matrix of independent unique codes, thus, the hardware is fundamentally impossible to copy or hack. In other words, the ID tags are completely unique subjects,

  • Inducing different frequencies in the vicinity of the tag results in a different response (code) from the tag, that can be read with a reading/inspection device.
  • The ID tags distinguish between original and false products. They can be embedded into almost any material – textile, paper, plastic, etc. they can be directly incorporated into goods, their labels, or in the coatings during the manufacturing process.
  • do not cause any material defects and do not require any electrical power supply nor add any weight
  • the tags are fairly inexpensive. Unknown to the counterfeit market. In terms of software, the storage of the codes involves a blockchain technology that is responsible for software security.

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