1. Dimensions
Allow introduction of microwires inside various materials without affecting their properties; including implanting the MicroWire to human tissue.

2. Versatile
Sensor can be safely implanted in human tissue, vein, implant (invasive) or become part of diagnostic device (non-invasive).

3. No batteries or power wires inside the body
Contactless sensing improves the patient comfort and reduces risk of battery leak and short-circuit of electronics.

4. Flexible
Thanks to its flexibility Microsensor is able to adapt to movements of muscles and organs.

5. Safe with MRI and X-ray imaging
RVmagnetics MicroWire is the only metallic sensor that patients can safely and repeatedly take MRI and X-ray images.

6. Passive sensor
Sensor requires no power source (only sensing device is low-powered).

7. Low power consumption (Sensing system/device)
Sensing system/device is powered in Microampere (µA).

8. Simple measuring process
Sensing device can be connected to the mobile phone without additional electronics.

9. Resistant
MicroWires are resistant to chemically and mechanically challenging environment. They are also short-circuit protected.

10. Contactless sensing
Allows contactless sensing due to magnetic nature.

11. Magnetic bi-stability
Sensors are always in saturation. Heavy magnetic and heavy electric fields do not influence the measurement.

12. Reliable
When sensor brakes, two sensors and two measurements are obtained.

13. Multifunctional
Microwires can sense the temperature, stress, position, magnetic field, flow, electrical current etc.

14. Temperature range and accuracy
Sensor is able to withstand the temperatures from -273 to 600°C; within human temperature range 35-44˚C measuring with accuracy of 0.01˚C.

15. Real time data monitoring
Up to 10.000 x per second.

16. Data transfer
Data from the sensing device are sent via USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-wave, SigFox etc.

17. Non-destructive application
MicroWires provide real-time data about the current condition of material and therefore allow non-destructive testing on all monitored points - opposed to destructive testing that is conducted on material samples only.

18. Robust
Able to withstand challenging mechanical environment.

19. Lifespan
Lifespan of the sensor itself is longer than 1000+ yrs.

20. Glass-coating
Biocompatible and enhances protection when used in chemically and biologically aggressive environment.

21. Spark-less sensing
Use of RVmagnetics sensors does not produce sparks and therefore can be safely placed in ignition sensitive environments.

22. Highly Durable
MicroWire is able to withstand hard-wear environment.