While smart sensor market shows current annual growth at a rate of 18% (and speeding up) industry demand driven growth is present also in rather traditional segments of temperature, pressure and position sensors. Acquiring the real-time data with higher accuracies benefits the safety, user comfort and economies as such.

Current state of technology, developments in IIOT demand to push more volume at lower prices. So, what is here to gain? What is here to gain for the client, for the sensor manufacturer, for the economy and for the industry? … and for the environment?

Well, as in any point in industrial history — the answer was either innovation or R&D. Using almost 100-year old technology of microwire production and combining it with other areas / aspects of physics helped us to redefine (revolutionize, reimagine) the role of sensor as such. Need multifunctional sensor? Contactless? Passive? Lighter? Much lighter? Short-circuit protected? With low power consumption? Real-time? To “dig” the data form inaccessible spaces?

RVmagnetics MicroWire — a hair thin sensor provides one answer for all the question above.

100.000 sensors weigh 1 gram, therefore add almost no additional weight to your car or plane. Environmentally friendly solution, winner in a size contest that can be integrated between composite layers or directly to any screw and cause no material flaws. Able to monitor stress, vibration temperature or displacement. Passive, unpowered element. Sensing head inducing magnetic field and reading the changes on passive sensor needs to be within a range of 10 cm / 3 inch.

Smart composites that not only ensure the process control but also allow real-time structural health monitoring. Smart electric motor pushing the efficiency to the maximum instead of following administrative limits. Development of smart screws and smart rivets as key enablers of self-monitored assembly? Self-monitored battery to prevent overheating and monitor extension?

It is not the lack of imagination in the industry. Takes courage of an early adopter. Not a small thing to ask…

Sensing technologies that can help us to lower the carbon emissions are reality. In our case their implementation requires bold customer counterpart understanding the power to revolutionize.

Instead of waiting for governments pushing the right infrastructure and shift their mindset — R&D and its early adoption always comes from the business. We are ready. And in the meantime… what is the overall weight of sensors of a car or an airplane leaving your assembly line?

Vladimir Marhefka
Vladimir holds position of Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors at RVmagnetics. In his current role he’s responsible for Strategy, Business Development and Marketing activities of the company. During 18+ years of experience he held executive, strategy and business development roles in various B2B industries, led international sales teams and lived in Spain and Australia. With the background in finance, Vladimir’s interest is in deeptech, international startups, and industrial IOT.

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