The current article is an overview of RVmagnetics demonstration of the Proof of Concept showcasing the MicroWire real-time signal captured when tightening a fastener bolt.

In the video it is possible to see the live demonstration of the tightening process as well as the real time response depicted on the screen of an oscilloscope.

The elements of the demonstration:

The Bolt with a MicroWire sensor attached onto it and the nut:

The sensing head: the element of the demonstration which excites the MicroWire sensor and captures the force transformed to it when the screw is elongated. This can be seen in real time. The sensing head has a hexagonal internal shape, to fit the head of the bolt. While the coil itself is wound on the surface of the socket (used with the socket wrench / ratchet)

When placed on the bolt, the signal from MicroWire instantly appears on the screen of the oscilloscope:

No signal on the oscilloscope
Signal appears on the display of the oscilloscope

The demonstration includes tightening the nut from the opposite side of the metal sheets, during this process the shift of the MicroWire signal, (observed on the screen of the oscilloscope) refers to the tightening / loosening of the fastener.

The demonstration clarifies the potential of MicroWire sensors to smartify rivets, screws, and overall fasteners, giving clear signal of the environment around these elements, as well as helping to define the exact force and range of the torque necessary for proper tightening.

Vladimir Marhefka
Vladimir holds position of Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors at RVmagnetics. In his current role he’s responsible for Strategy, Business Development and Marketing activities of the company. During 18+ years of experience he held executive, strategy and business development roles in various B2B industries, led international sales teams and lived in Spain and Australia. With the background in finance, Vladimir’s interest is in deeptech, international startups, and industrial IOT.

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