RVmagnetics, a.s., the sole manufacturer of the smallest passive sensor of physical quantities in the world, will be attending the JEC WORLD 2023 conference of composite and advanced materials in Paris. The company is proud to introduce their own Glass-Coated MicroWire sensors, which provide highly accurate and reliable measurements without the need for contact.

The Glass-Coated MicroWire sensors are thin iron wires, only a few micrometres in diameter (data sheet), coated with a layer of glass insulation. When a magnetic field is applied, the wire can be measured to determine its straining/com­pression, position, or temperature.

RVmagnetics develops the MicroWires and the contactless sensing systems, making it possible to gather information from inside materials about bending, shock, torque, delamination of layers, resin hardening, resin arrival, monitor temperature during heat-treatment and many more important features for the composite industry. MicroWire technology customized by RVmagnetics is an already proven, versatile tool for industries such as automotive, aerospace, and shipbuilding, oil&gas, energy and other industries.

These MicroWire sensors are highly sensitive, and their glass coating provides additional protection against environmental factors such as humidity, temperature, and acidic or alkaline conditions, thus you can monitor both manufacturing process as well as Structural Integrity during the life cycle of a material. Moreover, the MicroWire can be embedded inside a material, adding no design change to it, and provide wireless information from distance, in other words – MicroWire can access the internal physical data about your application without a contact point with it.

The Glass-Coated MicroWire sensors are a breakthrough in the field of magnetic sensing technology especially within the composite industry, and RVmagnetics is excited to showcase the sensors as well as their Demonstration Kit at the JEC World 2023 conference. RVmagnetics invites everyone attending the conference on April 25–27, 2023 at PARIS-NORD VILLEPINTE, to visit their booth N4 in hall 6.

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Tigran Hovhannisyan
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