Temperature is one of the most required physical quantity to be measured across all industries. Seamless, accurate and reliable measurements are critical across all verticals – from managing manufacturing process to saving patients’ lives.

Market offers wide range of solutions including thermocouples, resistor temperature detectors (RTD), thermistors, infrared sensor, thermometers, semiconductor sensors, etc.

RVmagnetics offers customized alternative – sensor based on magnetic principles, able to measure temperature down to 0,01°C resolution, covering range from –273°C up to 600°C. A tailor-made sensing solution providing a benefit of its size, range, chemical resistance and on top of it provide also pressure sensing.

Demonstration of Temperature measurement with MicroWire sensors

In the video we present the Temperature detection demonstration kit. The reason for the demonstration and the experiment is to showcase the contactless detection of temperature, and it’s change.

The main elements of the demo kit: black box which includes the sensing head and electronics (the size and shape of a final sensing system are tailor made to meet the space or other limitations ); plastic bar, onto which a stress dependent MicroWire is attached with an adhesive layer; tablet with the dedicated app which reflects the signal detection, that also allows one to set the offset value.

The MicroWire attached to the plastic bar, shows the temperature of the bar itself, which is in a normal, room temperature environment. As we place a finger on the plastic bar the temperature of the finger transfers to the bar, which the MicroWire quickly and clearly detects.


It is possible to custom-develop a highly-accurate temperature sensor, with customised, miniature hardware solution as per client's requ­irement, as well as to create a heat distribution map, monitor cooling and heating up of certain locations of different materials, etc. With the possibilities being vast, and unique per client – it is important to showcase the bases of the system, which we do with the video.