Along with temperature monitoring, the other most required physical quantity to be measured is pressure.

Market offers wide range of solutions including strain gauge, piezoelectric sensors, MEMS, optical sensor, etc.) covering whole range from industrial applications to laboratory and testing settings (measuring pressure directly and indirectly also other quantities).

RVmagnetics MicroWire is a passive sensor – element with no power-wiring that can be embedded into any material – and able to measure pressure, strain, torsion, bending, etc. And we do not stop just there. MicroWire is also able to cover structural health monitoring (SHM), detect cracks inside the material and even play a key role in predictive maintenance of your products. A tailor-made sensing solution providing a benefit of its size, range, chemical resistance and on top of it provide also temperature sensing.

How Does Micro Pressure Sensor Work?

With this video we are demonstrating the use of RVmagnetics MicroWire sensors for detecting pressure.

The main elements of the demo kit: black box which includes the sensing head and electronics (the size and shape of a final sensing system are tailor made to meet the space or other limitations ); plastic bar, onto which a stress dependant MicroWire is attached with an adhesive layer; tablet with the dedicated app which reflects the signal detection, that also allows one to set the offset value.

In the video the demonstration happens through pushing and pulling the plastic bar placed onto the holder. The MicroWire attached to the holder has no contact with the sensing head, it transfers the signal through magnetic properties to the sensing head (the black box below). In the Black box (powered by batteries) contains electronics that create the magnetic field and transfer the MicroWire’s res­ponse via Bluetooth . The signal can be seen in real-time on the screen of the tablet through the dedicated app

The experiment was held and recorded to prove the feasibility of the MicroWire sensor and the sensing system,


The system is scalable to the custom needs of our clients and based on specific requirements can be adjusted. System also allows addressing more complex tasks such as creating highly accurate pressure distribution maps or other unique needs of the customer. In the video above, we presented the basic pressure detection system.