Numerous sensors for each physical quantity are commercially available today. Yet, have you ever heard of a sensor that is able to sense more than just one? RVmagnetics MicroWire is the only sensor that can measure several physical quantities at once (e.g. temperature + pressure). And what's even better is that you need just one interface.

If you are looking for solution that off the shelf sensors cannot provide, you do need a unique, customized solution.

1. Temperature

Temperature is one of the most required physical quantity to be measured across all industries. Seamless, accurate and reliable measurements are critical across all verticals – from managing manufacturing process to saving patients’ lives.

Market offers wide range of solutions including thermocouples, resistor temperature detectors (RTD), thermistors, infrared sensor, thermometers, semiconductor sensors, etc.

RVmagnetics offers customized alternative – sensor based on magnetic principles, able to measure temperature down to 0,01°C resolution, covering range from –273°C up to 600°C. A tailor-made sensing solution providing a benefit of its size, range, chemical resistance and on top of it provide also pressure sensing.

2. Pressure, Stress, Torsion, Bending

Along with temperature monitoring, the other most required physical quantity to be measured is pressure.

Market offers wide range of solutions including strain gauge, piezoelectric sensors, MEMS, optical sensor, etc.) covering whole range from industrial applications to laboratory and testing settings (measuring pressure directly and indirectly also other quantities).

RVmagnetics MicroWire is a passive sensor – element with no power-wiring that can be embedded into any material – and able to measure pressure, strain, torsion, bending, etc. And we do not stop just there. MicroWire is also able to cover structural health monitoring (SHM), detect cracks inside the material and even play a key role in predictive maintenance of your products. A tailor-made sensing solution providing a benefit of its size, range, chemical resistance and on top of it provide also temperature sensing.

3. Magnetic Field, Position in Magnetic Field, Localisation

RVmagnetics MicroWire sensor is using magnetic principles and therefore measures magnetic field, position in the magnetic field, orientation of an object (product, part, implant, etc.). While the smallest available gyroscope sensor can still be bulky for your application or wiring of any sensor might be causing lot of issues – RVmagnetics presents its passive MicroWire sensor that will help you avoid size restrictions, wiring restrictions or survive chemically aggressive environment (e.g. concrete).

If you need to sense precise position of relatively big object, such as tilting of a bridge construction or detecting precise position of miniature diagnostic device placed in human body, RVmagnetics MicroWire is the solution you can count on. MicroWire sensors can also be used for triangulation.

4. Movement, Vibration

How import is movement sensing in your industry? Do you work in construction and you care about milimeter precision or do you work in healthcare where micrometer precision saves a patient life?

How precise do you need to monitor vibration of a motor turbine or electric plant? What is the reliability, accuracy and how many devices you need for vibration control? RVmagnetics offer the first multisensor of microdimensions that is able to monitor and measure movement changes in micrometers and at the same time detect change in vibrations in 10 kHz. Both can be monitored with just one interface. Rvmagnetics sensors can be applied in neurosurgery, through electricity production, construction to trasportation monitoring.

RVmagnetics MicroWire is able to detect movement or a vibration of an object. The MicroWire replaces typical vibration sensors like accelerometers or transmitters and uses a different physical principle.

5. Flow

By measuring pressure indirect measurement of flow can be obtained. RVmagnetics MicroWire is able to measure flow of any liquid or gas. Given the size and biocompatibility of MicroWire continuous measurements of human blood flow are possible. On the other hand – given the passive nature of the sensor – sparkles sensing of flow in oil and gas industries can be ensured.

Thanks to MicroWire glass coating – sensor is able to be present in almost any type of environment including industrial gases, acids and other hazardous gases and liquids. While you measure flow, other data such as total volume, level, velocity and also temperature can be obtained.

6. Electric Current

Imagine sensor that you can simply clip on the electric wire and you will be able to monitor the exact electricity consumption, online, real-time and with no need of power wiring. RVmagnetics MicroWire technology enables you to easily monitor your or your client’s power wires / power cords. Why is it important you ask?

If smart sealings equipped with MicroWire will be able to detect overheating of a power cord as a result of short-circuit, measure loss of current due to its break, or simply detect any incorrect power wire installation, will you give smart sealing a second thought? It might be your safety critical part whether its mounted in a building, car, electronics or elsewhere.