RVmagnetics developed biocompatible implantable passive medical diagnostic sensor that meets the highest biomedical standards. MicroWire opens wide range of sensing possibilities and collecting the patient’s data.

It is suitable for pre-op, op and post-op, recovery process and home-care. RVmagnetics MicroWire is designed to use for monitoring local real time values: vital functions, temperature, inflammation, pressure changes, position of diagnostic devices, objects or organs, growth changes and many more.


1. Dimensions

Allow introduction of microwires inside various materials without affecting their properties; including implanting the MicroWire to human tissue.

2. Versatile

Sensor can be safely implanted in human tissue, vein, implant (invasive) or become part of diagnostic device (non-invasive).

3. No batteries or power wires inside the body

Contactless sensing improves the patient comfort and reduces risk of battery leak and short-circuit of electronics.

4. Flexible

Thanks to its flexibility Microsensor is able to adapt to movements of muscles and organs.