Non-magnetic and non-metallic inclusions occur because of many physical-chemical processes take place in molten and consolidated metal during production. Inclusions hidden to the human eye or current expensive technologies can appear as scratches on a metal sheet surface and can later lead to corrosion or other defects with ageing of the material.

Currently, there is no solution available to solve this issue. Inclusions and scratches – or simply put – defective material causes further issues in metal processing industry and could cause increased volume of claims, financial losses and loss of reputation – both for raw material producer and also for its processor. RVmagnetics introduces unique solution – MicroWire – sensing technology that is able to motitor and tag non-magnetic and non-metallic inclusions occurrence at the full production speed .


1. Resistant
MicroWires are resistant to chemically and mechanically challenging environment. They are also short-circuit protected.

2. Non-destructive testing
MicroWires provide real-time data about the current condition of material and therefore allow non-destructive testing on all monitored points – opposed to destructive testing that is conducted on material samples only.

3. Passive sensor
Sensor requires no power source (only sensing device is low-powered)

4. Simple measuring process
sensing device is easy to connect solution that typically connects to Nucleo or Arduino

5. Contactless sensing
allows contactless sensing due to magnetic nature

6. Magnetic bi-stability
sensors are always in saturation. Noisy magnetic and electric fields do not influence the measurement

7. Reliable
when sensor brakes, two sensors and two measurements are obtained

8. Multifuncti­onal
MicroWires can sense the temperature, stress, position, magnetic field, flow, electrical current etc.

9. Temperature range
sensor is able to withstand the temperatures from –273 to 600°C

10. Real time data monitoring
up to 10.000 x per second

11. Data transfer
data from the sensing device are sent via USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Z-wave, SigFox etc.