RVmagnetics state-of-art sensing technology is unique combination of ability to withstand chemically aggressive environment, ability to resist high production temperatures present in many oil, gas and utilities operations, ability to detect the sensor signal even when affected by heavy electro-magnetic fields (produced by ferro-magnetic materials such as steel that are typically present in pipelines, drilling operations, storage) and ability to conduct contactless sensing where technology meets the need of spark-less sensing requirement of the oil & gas industry.


1. Dimensions

Allow introduction of microwires inside various materials without affecting their properties; including implanting the MicroWire to human tissue.

2. Versatile

Sensor can be safely implanted in human tissue, vein, implant (invasive) or become part of diagnostic device (non-invasive).

3. Resistant

MicroWires are resistant to chemically and mechanically challenging environment. They are also short-circuit protected.

4. Spark-less sensing

Use of RVmagnetics sensors does not produce sparks and therefore can be safely placed in ignition sensitive environments.


Smooth transport of utilities is one of the biggest challenges of Oil & Gas sector. Thanks to MicroWire´s con­tinuous online monitoring of pipeline quality and operating values (temperature, pressure, vibration, …) it is possible to optimize the supply of utilities and thus minimize service costs.