The video shows a feasibility study of RVmagnetics MicroWire sensors’ ability to provide signal when excited (through magnetic field) with a Sensing System, through a metallic material (2mm thick wall of a metallic tube).

The MicroWire is thin and elastic element, thus, in order to keep it flat, and easy to move it has been attached onto a flat surface:

The sensing head consists of two coils. First one excites the MicroWire by creating a magnetic field in the vicinity of it; the second, sensing coil captures the MicroWire’s sig­nal..

MicroWire attached on a flat surface
Sensing head

Learn more about technical overview of the technology.

The signal received from the RVmagnetics MicroWire, through metallic tube, without the metallic element and when the wire is not excited, can be seen in the video, or through the pictures below:

Wire not excited
Wire excited
Wire excited through metal

Technical parameters of the metallic tube:

  • Inner diameter: 50 mm
  • Outer diameter: 54 mm
  • Thickness of the steel: 2 mm
  • Material: 1.4404, AISI 316L stainless steel, ČSN 17349

As MicroWire itself is a magnetic element, and the signal is detected through a magnetic field, it is important to showcase the capacity of RV magnetics’ technology to provide clear signal in/through a magnetic environment.


We have conducted this experiment, to showcase the MicroWire’s added value in terms of the vital information it is able to provide not from outside the tube, and not necessarily the information about the tube, but of the content within it.

This means that if it is required to get a precise real-time data on i.e temperature changes happening inside the tupe – now MicroWire sensor can enable to capture of this vatal data much more promptly, reducing the time of the measurements (i.e necessary for the tube to absorb the heat within itself), the necessity of other corrective steps, making it easier to provide preventive and predictive maintenance to your equipment instead of the less preferable – reactive maintenance.

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Vladimir Marhefka
Vladimir holds position of Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors at RVmagnetics. In his current role he’s responsible for Strategy, Business Development and Marketing activities of the company. During 18+ years of experience he held executive, strategy and business development roles in various B2B industries, led international sales teams and lived in Spain and Australia. With the background in finance, Vladimir’s interest is in deeptech, international startups, and industrial IOT.