Smooth transport of utilities is one of the biggest challenges of Oil & Gas sector. Thanks to MicroWire´s con­tinuous online monitoring of pipeline quality and operating values (temperature, pressure, vibration, …) it is possible to optimize the supply of utilities and thus minimize service costs.

Pipeline flow monitoring

  • gas
  • oil
  • water
  • wastewater
  • total volume, water flow, level, velocity (and also temperature and pressure)

Structural health monitoring (composite & plastic pipelines)

Microwire technology:

  • distinguishes between quality and defective material
  • provides non-destructive testing
  • causes no material defect
  • adds no additional weight
  • prevents installation of faulty pipes
  • detects faults on existing pipelines
  • triggers (emergency) warning when set limits are exceeded

Sensing possibilities

  • delamination
  • cracks
  • temperature
  • vibration
  • other

Structural health monitoring 
(detection of non-magnetic / non-metallic inclusions in metallic pipelines)


  • Non-destructive testing,
  • Real-time monitoring,
  • No direct contact with the material (based on magnetic principle)


  • Prevents / drastically reduces costs related to installation of faulty pipeline,
  • Reduces environmental impact and financial losses caused by pipeline accidents,
  • Prevents loss of reputation / status of the company,
  • Helps pipeline revamp planning (predictive maintenance)

Sensing position, temperature and pressure of the pipeline

Basic function of RVmagnetics microwires are sensing position, temperature and pressure.

Microwires attached to the pipeline prevent:

  • overload
  • overheating the pipes (or some of the layers in complex piping system)
  • exact position (as a result of construction processes pipeline can be moved and can be damaged later during reconstruction wor­ks)
  • preventing the accidents, contamination, leakages and/or reduce environmental hazards.