RVmagnetics MicroWire sensors allow contactless monitoring of temperature, pressure, magnetic field, position, vibration and beyond. We provide Custom-developed measurement systems for otherwise inaccessible physical data.


RVmagnetics cordially invites you to join live demonstration of the MicroWire sensing technology: free demonstration will be delivered at the “Initiate” zone (Stand 12.0.A200–30) at Enlit Europe, which takes place 29 November – 1 December 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany.

We can also provide you with a free visitor’s pass or a summit pass with 25% discount – using this link or also by writing to .


RVmagnetics’ MicroWire sensors are passive, they need to contact to provide physical data – as they are similar in size to human hair – they can be attached almost anywhere and get you information you didn’t know you could have!

MicroWire sensors by RVmagnetics are miniaturized (diameter ca. 20–70 µm) magnetic contactless sensors of physical quantities (temperature, mechanical strain – including torsion, flexion, compression, etc; magnetic field, position, vibration etc.).

Their size, high added value, robustness, simple production process and also their symmetry, glass-coating, possibility of contactless sensing leads to their utilization as a miniaturized sensor with a wide range of applications in different industries: IoT, Industry 4.0, Structural Health Monitoring, Automotive, Aerospace, Smart materials, Healthcare, Anticounterfeiting area, etc.*


Well, let’s start with IIoT and end in the Smart Material sectors:

sensors as tiny as RVmagnetics MicroWires can be placed within layers of composite materials during manufacturing, add no mechanical defect or weight, have no power wiring sticking out of the product, and provide precise measurements both in manufacturing and post-manufacturing signal detection. Signal can also be detected in the presence of strong magnetic and electric fields.

MicroWires are essentially metallic alloys melted through glass – thin and elastic like human hair they can be placed in chemically and thermally harsh environments and get no negative effect on their signals. RVmagnetics can even manufacture 100.000 MicroWire sensors in 10 minutes just from 1 gram of metallic alloy.

Tigran Hovhannisyan
With a B2B sales & marketing background in INGO & Foreign Investments in government sectors, Tigran is now responsible for extensive industry research in RVmagnetics focused on marketing the company both in R&D and Business spaces. Tigran is up to date with trends in deep tech, sensors, and innovative startups in need of niche growth. He shares the knowledge with RVmagnetics communities via blogs, publications, and news releases, while also using his experience to Manage RVmagnetics' Key Partners' accounts.