We address the issues in batteries with the safest, elegant and inexpensive way Our solution lays in MicroWire – a sensor of physical quantities like temperature, vibration, position, electric current, magnetic field, etc.

The MicroWire is a miniaturized sensor, thin like human hair, it is resistant to chemically aggressive environments, thus can be embedded directly into the batteries’(even considering the internal hazardous, acidic environments), and provide contactless and spark-less sensing (this prevents any ignition possibilities). It has an operating temperature range of –273 to 600°C and a sensing frequency of up to 10.000 times per second. Ultimately we have a sensor and sensing system that provides accurate non-destructive testing and measurements from within the battery, without any contact or wiring, with no influence from an aggressive chemical environment, thus enabling predictive maintenance for the whole battery unit in the safest way possible.

RVmagnetics sensing solution offers:

  • allowing thermal management from within the battery
  • battery thermal runaway prevention
  • detecting energy waste through pressure and vibration monitoring
  • MicroWire not effected by battery acidic environments
  • no ignition/spark risks (wireless)
  • in combination with the control unit preventing battery capacity waste
  • increased battery safety
  • and reducing waste at battery manufacturing level
  • non-destructive testing of welding cracks, deformations, caging damages (contactless)
  • preventive maintenance to control thermal issues
  • predictive maintenance: real-time monitoring possibility during the lifetime of the battery


1. Contactless sensing

Allows contactless sensing due to magnetic nature.

2. Lifespan

Lifespan of the sensor itself is longer than 1000+ yrs.

3. Low power consumption (Sensing system/device)

Sensing system/device is powered in Microampere (µA).

4. Magnetic bi-stability

Sensors are always in saturation. Heavy magnetic and heavy electric fields do not influence the measurement.