By embedding RVmagnetics MicroWire technology to the composite – precise measurements of e.g. temperature in of each layer can be obtained during the composite decking process. Allows one to distinguish whether the delamination or cracks occur during or after the decking process of layers inside composites. For the manufacturers RVmagnetics technology allows the production of the same quality composite with less material costs (layers and epoxides).

Smart composite also enables its user to real-time monitor the condition and performance of equipment during the operation (structural health monitoring) and helps to reduce the likelihood of material failure. It attempts to keep low costs by reducing the frequency of maintenance tasks, reducing preventive and reactive maintenance with the predictive one.


1. Dimensions

Allow introduction of microwires inside various materials without affecting their properties; including implanting the MicroWire to human tissue.

2. Versatile

Sensor can be safely implanted in human tissue, vein, implant (invasive) or become part of diagnostic device (non-invasive).

3. Robust

Able to withstand challenging mechanical environment.

4. Lifespan

Lifespan of the sensor itself is longer than 1000+ yrs.

There are two common approaches how to test the composite. Expansive and selective method (X-ray, sono, …) or destructive. Both methods of testing are widely used by the industry. Embedding RVmagnetics MicroWire directly between the composite layers not only causes no material defects but also enables both manufacturer and its customer to benefit from real-time data that are gained by contactless measurements.

With RVmagentics MicroWire technology you can test every layer of every inch of a composite. Smarten up your composite and create high added value for you and your clients.

Smart composites

  • distinguish between quality and defective material
  • allow non-destructive testing
  • microwire causes no material defect – become part of the composite without affecting the material properties
  • Microwire add no additional weight* (100.000 sensors weigh 1 gram)

Monitor clearly specified parameters in different material

  • delamination
  • cracks
  • temperature
  • vibration
  • other
Response from the MicroWire inside the bad composite.
Response from the MicroWire inside the quality composite.

Wide range of composites

  • composites
  • carbon/glass composites-
  • ceramic composites
  • plastics

Benefits for manufacturer

  • gaining better control over manufacturing process – especially by real time monitoring (and maintaining) of temperature during composite decking
  • saves material – optimizing manufacturing costs
  • prevents claims and financial losses
  • prevents loss of reputation and status of the company
  • lighter the material, lighter the end product

Benefits for manufacturer’s cus­tomer

  • allows working with self-diagnostic composite
  • optimizing predictive maintenance of composite equipment
  • reverse logistics planning