Solution for Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Manufacturing

RVmagnetics technology – MicroWire sensors are able to detect all inclusions (also inner) and scratches, by using unique magnetic principles.

Excitation coil creates magnetic field, sending it through the sensor while reading coil is responsible for signal detection from the sensor. All magnetic field lines will behave correctly while being in contact with quality metal sheet. Once inclusion is detected, reading coil will record different behavior of magnetic field lines. Reading coil will either detect no signal or will read different field lines to those of a quality material.

Thanks to RVmagnetics unique MicroWire technology you can use this monitoring and detection in a magnetic and also in a non-magnetics metal.

Detection and Tagging

There are two checkpoint MicroWire lines installed for to reassure / reconfirm inclusions discovery. Once a non-magnetic inclusion occurs, tagging system in place tags the spot (spray a color) where inclusions or scratches occurred. RVmagnetics solution is able to monitor customer’s mass production line in a full production speed and resolution up to mm while tagging / coloring all defective spots on the metal sheet.

  • Specifically designed for customer production line,
  • Measures up to 10.000 times per second,
  • Resolution base on requirements, less then mm,
  • Non-destructive testing,
  • Real-time monitoring,
  • No direct contact with the material – all based on magnetic principle.
  • Prevents claims and financial losses
  • Prevents loss of reputation and status of the company,
  • Higher price for metal sheet with higher quality
  • Plug & play solution,
  • Automated process,
  • Thorough scratches and inclusions tagging.