Parking sensors without drilling

Whole system consists of 2 parts: pucks that carry a battery, communication chip and sensing device and ID tags with MicroWires. Pucks will be inserted into the ground in the corners of a parking space without electrical cables or building permits.

ID tag (parking card) is obtained during purchase or when accessing a parking / garage. ID tags are passive and activated when sensing device in the puck is in the proximity of parking card. ID tags are directly paired with the database. Data communication can be transferred via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or GSM (upon agreement).

Advantages of RVmagnetics parking solution are:

  • easy and fast application,
  • almost no damage to the road surface,
  • require no construction changes (see pictures below)
  • easily replaceability of the damaged puck.
  • lifespan of battery between 5–10 years (based on weather conditions)
  • no camera installation / no patrols necessary
  • automatized solution
  • ID tags cannot be duplicated / hacked – microwires do not require any electronics
  • contactless – can be measured without direct contact (wiring).
  • avoid visibility-related issues often occurring while using other parking solutions
  • cost-effective solution